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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 137

1 THe rivers on of Babylon

there when we did sit down:

yea even then we mourned, when

we remembred Sion.

2 Our Harps we did hang it amid,

upon the willow tree.

3 Because there they that us away

led in captivity,

Requir’d of us a song, and thus

askt mirth: us waste who laid,

sing us among a Sion’s song,

unto us then they said

4 The lords song sing can we? being

5 in strangers land. Then let

loose her skill my right hand, if I

Jerusalem forget.

6 Let cleave my tongue my palate on,

if mind thee do not I:

if chief joys or’e I prize not more

Jerusalem my joy.

7 Remember Lord, Edom’s sons word,

unto the ground said they,

it rase, it rase, when as it was

Jerusalem her day.

8 Blest shall he be, that payeth thee,

daughter of Babylon,

who must be waste: that which thou hast

rewarded us upon.

9 O happy he shall surely be

that taketh up, that eke

thy little ones against the stones

doth unto pieces break.