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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 138

A psalm of David

WIthal my heart, I’ll praise thee now:

before the gods I’ll sing to thee.

2 Toward thine holy Temple bow,

and praise thy Name for thy mercy,

and thy truth: for thy word thou high

or’e all thy Name dost magnify.

3 It’h day I cried, thou answredst me:

with strength thou didst my soul up-bear.

4 Lord, all the earth’s kings shall praise thee,

the word when of thy mouth they hear.

5 Yea, they shall sing in the Lords ways,

for great’s Jehovah’s glorious praise.

6 Albeit that the Lord be high,

respect yet hath he to the low:

but as for them that are lofty,

he them doth at a distance know.

7 Though in the midst I walking be

of trouble thou wilt quicken me,

Forth shalt thou make thine hand to go

against their wrath that do me hate;

thy right hand shall me save also.

8 The Lord will perfect mine estate:

thy mercy Lord, forever stands:

leave not the works of thin own hands.