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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 138

1 ! Dauid with great courage praiseth the goodnes of God toward him, the which is so great.

1 a Euen in the presence of Angels & of them that haue autoritie among men.

2 b Bothe the Temple & ceremonial seruice at Christs comming were abolished: so that now God wil be worshiped onely in spirit and trueth.

3 c Thou hast strengthened me against mine outward & inward enemies.

4 d All the worlde shal confesse that thou hast wonderfully preserued me, & performed thy promes.

4 ! That it is knowen to forren princes, who shal praise the Lord together with him.

6 e Distance of place can not hinder God to shewe mercie to his, and to judge the wicked, thogh thei thinke that he is farre of.

6 ! And he is assured to haue like comfort of God in the time following, as he hathe had heretofore.

8 f Thogh mine enemies rage meuer so much, yet the Lord, which hathe begon his worke in me, wil countinue his grace to the end.