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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 136

1 a By this repetition he sheweth that the least of Gods benefites binde vs to thankesgiuing: but chiefly his mercie, which is principally declared towards his Church.

1 ! A moste earnest exhortation to giue thankes vnto God for the creation and gouernance of all things which standeth in confessing that he giueth vs all of his mere liberalitie.

6 b This was a commune kinde of thanksgiueing which the whole people vsed, when thei had receiued anie benefite of God, as {2 Chr. 7,6 & 20, 21}: meaning that God was not onely merciful to their fathers, but also continued the fame to their posteritie.

11 c Gods mercieful prouidence toward man appeareth in all his creatures, but chiefly in that that he deliuered his Church from the thraldome of their enemies.

12 d In doing such a worke as was neuer done before, not that anie other colde do.

16 e Where for the space of fortie yeres he shewed infinite and moste strange wonders.

18 f Declaring therby that no power no autoritie was so dere vnto him as the loue of his Church.

23 g In our greatest affliction & sclauerie, when we loked for nothing lesse then to haue had anie succour.

25 h Seing that God prouideth, euen for the beastes: much more hathe he care ouer his.

26 i Seing that all ages haue had most plaine testimonies of Gods benefites.