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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 119

1 a Here thei are not called blessed, which thinke them selues wise in their owne judgement, nor which imagine to themselues a certeine holines, but thei whose conuersation is without hypocrisie.

1 ! The prophet exhorteth the children of God to frame their liues according to his holie worde.

3 b For thei are ruled by Gods Spirit and imbrace no doctrine but his.

5 c Dauid acknowledgeth his imperfection, desiring God to reforme it that his life maie be conformable to Gods worde.

7 e That is, thy precepts, which conteine perfite righteousnes.

7 d For true religion standeth in seruing God without hypocrisie.

8 f He refuseth not to be tryed by tentations, but he feareth to faint, if God succor not his infirmitie in time.

9 a Because youth is most giuen to licenciousnes, he chiefly warneth them to frame their liues betime to Gods worde.

11 b If Gods worde be grauen in our heartes, we shalbe more able to resist the assaltes of Satan: and therefore the Prophet desireth God to instruct him daiely more & more therein.

14 c The Prophet doeth not boast of his vertues, but setteth forthe an example for others to followe Gods worde & leaue worldelie vanities.

17 a He sheweth that we oght not to desire to liue but to serue God, and that we can not serue him aright, except he open our eyes and mindes.

19 b Seing mans life in this worlde is but a passage, what shulde become of him, if thy worde were not his guide?

21 c In all ages thou hast plagued all suche, which maliciously & contempteously depart from thy trueth

23 d When the powers of the worlde gaue false sentence against me, thy worde was guide & counseler to teache me what to do, & to comfort me.

25 a That is, it is almost broght to the graue, & without thy worde I can not liue.

26 b I haue confessed mine offences, and now depend wholly on thee.

28 c If God did not mainteine vs by his worde, our life wolde drop awaie like water.

29 d Instruct me in thy worde, whereby my minde maie be purged from vanitie & taught to obey thy wil.

32 e By this he sheweth that we can nether chose good, cleaue to Gods word, not runne forwarde in his waie, except he make our hearts large to receiue his grace, & willing to obey.

33 a He sheweth that he can not followe on to the end, except God teach him oft times and lead him forwarde.

34 b Not onely in outward conuersation, but also that inward affection.

36 c Hereby meaning all other vices, because that couetousnes is the rote of all euil.

39 e Let me not fall to thy dishonour, but let mine heart stil delite in thy gracious worde.

40 f Giue me strength to continue in thy worde euen to the end.

41 a He sheweth that Gods mercie and loue is the first cause of our saluacion.

42 b By trusting in Gods worde he assureth himself to be able to confute the sclanders of his aduersaries.

45 c Thei, that simply walke after Gods worde, haue no lets to intangle them, where as thei, that do contrary, are euer in nets and snares.

46 d He sheweth thatthe children of God oght not to suffer their Fathers glorie to be obscured by the vaine pompe of princes.

49 a Thogh he fele Gods hand stil to lie vpon him, yet he resteth on his promes & comforteth him self therein.

51 b Meaning the wicked, which contemne Gods worde, & tread his religion vnder fote.

52 c That is, the examples, whereby thou declarest thy self to be judge of the worlde.

53 d That is, a vehement zeale to thy glorie, & indignacion against the wicked.

54 e In the course of this life and sorowful exile.

57 a I am persuaded that to kepe thy Law is an heritage and great gaine for me.

59 b He sheweth that none can imbrace the worde of God, except he consider his owne imperfections and waies.

61 c They haue gone about to drawe we into their companie.

63 d Not onely in mutual consent, but also with aide & succour.

64 e For the knowledge of Gods worde is a singular token of his fauour.

65 a Hauing proued by experience that God was true in his promes, he desireth that he wolde increase in him knowledge and judgement.

67 b So Jeremie saith, that before the Lord touched him, he was like a calfe vntamed: so that the vse of Gods rods is to call vs home to God.

70 c Their heart is indurate & hardened, pured vp with prosperitie & vaine estimacion of them selues.

71 d He confesseth that before that he was chastened, he was rebellious, as man by nature is.

73 a Because God leaueth not his worke, that he hathe begon, he desireth a newe grace: that is, that he wolde continue his mercies.

74 b When God sheweth his grace towarde anie, he testifieth to others that he faileth not them that trust in him.

77 c He declareth, that when he felt not Gods mercies, he was as dead.

79 e He sheweth that there can be no true feare of God without the knowledge of his worde.

79 d That is, be comforted by mine example.

81 a Thogh my strength faile me, yet my soule groneth and sigheth, resting stil in thy worde.

83 b Like a skynbottel or bladder that is parched in the smoke.

85 d Thy haue not onely oppressed me violently ,but also craftely conspired against me.

86 e He assureth him self, that God wil deliuer his & destroy suche as vnjustly persecute them.

87 f Finding no helpe in earth, he lifteth vp his eyes to heauen.

89 a Because none shulde esteme Gods worde according to the changes of things in this worlde, he sheweth that it abideth in heauen & therefore is immutable.

91 b Seing the earth and all creatures remaine in that estate, wherin you hast created them, muche more thy trueth remaineth constant & vnchangeable.

94 c He proueth by effect, that he is Gods childe, because he seketh to vnderstand his worde.

96 d There is no thing so perfite in earth, but it hathe an end: onely Gods worde lasteth for euer.

97 a He sheweth that we can not llue Gods worde, except we exercise our selues therein and practise it.

99 b Whosoeuer doeth submit him self onely to Gods worde, shal not onely be safe against the practises of his enemies, but also learne more wisdome, then they that professe it, & are men of experience.

102 c So then of our selues we can do nothing, but when God doeth inwardely instruct vs with his Spirit, we fele his graces sweter then honie.

105 a Of our selues we are but darkenes, and cannot se, except we be lightened with Gods worde.

106 b So all the faithful oght to binde them selues to God by a solemne othe and promes, to sitr vp their zeale to imbrace Gods worde.

108 c That is, my praiers & thankesgiuing, which sacrifice Hosea calleth the calues of the lippes, {Chap. 14,vers. 3}

109 d that is, I am in continual danger of my life.

111 e I estemed no wordlie things but made thy worde mine inheritance.

113 a Whosoeuer wil imbrace Gods worde aright, must abhorre all fantasies & imaginacions bothe of him self & of others.

115 b And hinder me not to kepe the Law of the Lord.

117 c He desireth Gods continual assistance lest he shulde faint in this race, which he had begon.

118 d The craftie practises of them that contemne thy Law, shal be broght to noght.

119 e Which infected thy people, as drosse doeth the metal.

120 f Thy judgements do not onely teache me obedience, but cause me to feare, considering mine owne weakenes, which feare causeth repentance.

122 a Put thy self betwene mine enemies & me, as if thou were my pledge.

123 ! Also he sheweth wherein the true seruice of God standeth: that is, when we serue him according to his worde, & not after our one fantasies.

124 b He boasteth not that he is Gods seruant, but herby putteth God in minde, that as he made him his by grace, so he wolde contineu his fauour toward him.

126 c The Prophet sheweth that when the wicked haue broght all things to confusion, and Gods worde to vtter contempt, then is it Gods time to helpe & send remedie.

128 d That is, whatsoeuer dissenteth from the puritie of thy worde.

129 a Conteining high & secret mysteries, so that I am moued with admiracion & reuerence.

130 b The simple idiotes, that submit them selues to God, haue their eyes opened, and their mindes illuminated so sone as they begin to read Gods worde.

136 d He sheweth what oght to be the zeale of Gods children, when they se his worde contemned.

138 a We can not confesse God to be righteous except we liue vprightly and truly, as he hathe commanded.

140 b Golde hathe nede to be fined, but thy worde is perfection it self.

141 c This is the true trial, to praise God in aduersitie.

142 d His faith is grounded vpon Gods worde, that he wolde euer be at hand when his children be oppressed.

144 d So that the life of man without the knowledge of God is death.

145 a He sheweth that all his affections & whole heart were bent to God ward for to haue help in his dangers.

148 b He was more earnest in the studie of Gods worde, then they that kept the watche, were in their charge.

150 c He sheweth the nature of the wicked to be to persecute against their conscience.

154 a For without Gods promes there is no hope of deliuerance.

156 b According to thy promes made in the Law, which because the wicked lacke, they can haue no hope of saluacion.

158 c My zeale consumed me, when I sawe their malice & contempt of thy glorie.

159 d It is a sure sign of our adoption, when we loue the Law of God.

160 e Since you first promised, euen to the end all thy sayings are true.

161 a The threatenings & persecutions of princes colde not cause me to shrinke to confesse thee, whome I more fear then men.

165 c For their conscience assureth them, that thei please thee, whereas they, that loue not thee, haue the contrarie.

166 d He sheweth that we must first haue faith, before we can worke & please God.

168 e I had no respect of men, but set thee alwaies before mine eies, as the judge of my doings.

169 a As thou hast promised to be the scholemaster vnto all them, that depend vpon thee.

171 b The worde signifieth to powre forthe continually.

171 c All his praier, & desire is to profit in the worde of God.

175 d That is, thy prouident care ouer me, and wherewith you wilt judge mine enemies.

176 e Being chased to and fro by mine enemies, and nauing no place to rest in.