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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 119

1 (1) Aleph

ALL-blest are men upright of way:

walk in Jehovah’s law who do.

2 Blest such as do his records keep:

with their whole heart him seek also.

3 And that work no iniquity:

but in his ways do walk indeed.

4 Thou hast giv’n charge, with diligence

unto thy precepts to give heed.

5 Ah that to keep thy statues: so

my ways addressed were by thee.

6 When I respect thy precepts all,

then shall I not ashamed be.

7 When I thy righteous judgments learn

with hearts uprightness I’ll thee praise.

8 Forsake thou me not utterly:

I will observe thy statute-ways.

(2) Beth

9 By what may’ young man cleanse his way?

by heeding it as thy word guides.

10 With my whole heart thee have I sought:

thy laws let me not go besides.

11 I in my heart thy word have hid:

that I might not against thee sin.

12 Thou o Jehovah, blessed art:

thine own statutes instruct me in.

13 All the just judgments of thy mouth

declared with my lips have I.

14 I in thy testimonies way

joy more then in all rich plenty.

15 In thy precepts I’ll meditate:

and have respect unto thy ways.

16 Myself I’ll solace in thy laws:

and not forget what thy word says.

(3) Gimel

17 Confer this grace thy servant to,

that I may live thy word to keep.

18 Unveil mine eyes, that I may see

out of thy law the wonders deep.

19 I am a stranger in the earth:

do not thy precepts from me hide.

20 My soul is broken with desire

unto thy judgments time and tide.

21 Thou hast rebuk’d the proud, accurs’t

which do from thy commandments swerve.

22 Roll off from me reproach and scorn:

for I thy records do observe.

23 Ev’n Princes sate and ‘gainst me spake;

but on thy laws thy servant mus’d.

24 Thy records also are my joys:

and for men of my counsel us’d.

(4) Daleth

25 Down to the dust my soul cleav’s fast:

o quicken me after thy word.

26 I show’d my ways and thou me heardst:

thy statutes learning me afford.

27 Thy precepts way make me to know:

so I’ll muse on thy wondrous ways.

28 My soul doth melt for heaviness:

according to thy word me raise.

29 The way of lying from me take:

and thy law grant me graciously.

30 The way of truth I chosen have:

thy judgments ‘fore me laid have I.

31 Thy testimonies cleave I to;

o Lord, on me shame do not cast.

32 Then shall I run thy precepts way,

when thou mine heart enlarged hast.

(5) He.

33 Inform me Lord, in thy laws path;

and I will keep it to the end.

34 Skill give me, and thy law I’ll keep:

yea with my whole heart it attend.

35 Cause me to tread thy precepts path;

because therein delight I do.

36 Unto thy records bend my heart;

and covetousness not unto.

37 From vain sights turn away mine eyes:

and in thy way make me to live.

38 Confirm thy word thy servant to,

who to thy fear himself doth give.

39 My slander which I fear remove;

because thy judgments good they be.

40 Lo for thy precepts I have long’d:

o in thy justice quicken me.

(6) Vau.

41 Find me out thy mercies Lord:

thy saving health as thou hast said.

42 So I my taunters answer shall,

for on thy word my hope is stay’d.

43 Nor truths-word quite from my mouth take:

because thy judgments I attend.

44 So I thy law shall alway keep,

to everlasting without end.

45 And I will walk at liberty,

because I do thy precepts seek.

46 Nor will I blush, when before Kings

I of thy testimonies speak.

47 In thy commands, which I have lov’d,

also myself delight I will.

48 And lift my hands to thy commands

belov'd: and mind thy statutes still.

(7) Zain.

49 Good to thy servant make the word,

on which to hope thou didst me give.

50 This was my comfort in my grief,

because thy word doth make me live.

51 The proud have much derided me:

yet have I not thy law declin’d.

52 Thy judgments Lord, that are of old,

I did recall, and comfort find.

53 Horror hath taken hold on me:

for lewd men that thy law forsake.

54 I, in my pilgrimages house,

of thy statutes my songs do make.

55 By night remembred I thy Name,

o Lord: and I thy law observe.

56 This hath been unto me, because

I from thy precepts did not swerve.

(8) Heth.

57 He, ev’n the Lord, my portion is,

I said that I would keep thy word.

58 With my whole heart thy face I begg’d:

thy promis’d mercies me afford.

59 I thought upon my ways, and turn’d

my feet into thy testaments.

60 I hasted, and made no delays

to keep with heed thy commandments.

61 The bands of wicked men me robb’d:

of thy law I am not mindless.

62 I’ll rise at midnight thee to praise;

for judgments of thy righteousness.

63 Companion am I to all them,

that fear thee, and thy laws do heed.

64 Thy mercy fills the earth, o Lord:

teach me the laws thou hast decreed.

(9) Teth.

65 Jehovah, with thy servant thou

after thy word, right-well hast done.

66 Good taste and knowledge, teach thou me,

for I believe thy precepts on.

67 Before I was chastis’d, I stray’d:

but I thy word observ’d have now.

68 Thou are good, and art doing good:

thy statutes teach me, oh do thou.

69 The proud against me forg’d a lye:

thy laws I’ll keep with my hearts-might.

70 The heart of them is fat as grease:

but in thy law I do delight.

71 It’s good for me, I was chastis’d:

that so thy statutes learn I should.

72 Better to me is thy mouths-law,

then thousands of silver and gold.

(10) Jod.

73 Know make me, and I’ll learn thy laws:

thy hands me formed have, and made.

74 Who fear thee, me shall see, and joy:

because hope in thy word I had.

75 Thy judgments Lord, I know are just;

and faithfully thou chastnedst me.

76 As thou hast to thy servant spoke,

now let thy grace my comfort be.

77 Send me thy grace, that I may live;

for thy law as my joy I chose.

78 Shame proud ones, that me falsely wrong:

but I will in thy precepts muse.

79 Let them that fear thee turn to me;

and such as have thy records known.

80 Let my heart be in thy laws found

that so I shame may suffer none.

(11) Caph.

81 Look for thy word I do, when as

my soul doth faint for help from thee.

82 Mine eyes have faild for thy word,

saying, when wilt thou comfort me?

83 I like a smoke-dry’d-bottle am;

yet do I not thy laws forgo.

84 what are thy servants days? when wilt

on my pursuers judgment do?

85 The proud have digged pits for me,

which do not unto thy law sute.

86 All thy commands are truth: help me,

they wrongfully me persecute.

87 They nigh had wasted me on earth,

but I thy laws did not forsake.

88 To keep the records of thy mouth,

me in thy mercy lively make.

(12) Lamed.

89 Made fast i'th heavens is thy word,

o Lord, for ever to endure.

90 From age to age thy faithfulness:

thou form’dst the earth, and it stands-sure.

91 As thou ordain’dst, they still abide;

for all are servants thee unto.

92 Had not thy law been my delight:

Then had I perisht in my woe.

93 Thy statutes I will ne’re forget:

because by them thou quicknedst me.

94 Thine own am I, save me, because

I sought thy precepts studiously.

95 The wicked watch me, me to ‘stroy:

but I thy testimonies mind.

96 Of all perfection, end I see:

but very large thy law I find.

(13) Mem.

97 Now how much do I love thy law?

it is my study all the day.

98 Thou mad’st me wiser then my foes

by thy rule: for it’s with me aye.

99 I’m wiser then my teachers all:

for thy records my study are.

100 I more then ancients understand;

because I kept thy laws with care.

101 From each ill path my feet I stay’d:

that so I might thy word observe.

102 Because thou hast instructed me,

I did not from thy judgments swerve.

103 How sweet are thy words to my taste?

to my mouth more then honey they.

104 I from thy precepts wisdom learn:

therefore I hate each lying way.

(14) Nun.

105 Of my feet is thy word the lamp:

and to my path the shining light.

106 Sworn have I, and will it perform,

that I will keep thy judgments right.

107 I am afflicted very much:

Lord quicken me after thy word.

108 Accept my mouths free-offerings now:

and me thy judgments teach o Lord.

109 My soul is always in my hand:

but I have not thy law forgot.

110 The wicked laid for me a snare:

yet from thy laws I strayed not.

111 Thy records are mine heritage

for aye: for my hearts joy they be.

112 I bent my heart still to perform

thy statutes to eternity.

(15) Samech.

113 Pursue I do with hatred, all

vain thoughts: but love thy law do I.

114 My covert and my shield art thou:

I on thy word wait hopefully.

115 Depart from me, lewd men, that I

may keep my Gods commandements.

116 By thy word stay me, and live:

nor shame me for my confidence.

117 Sustain me, and I shall be safe:

and in thy law still I’ll delight.

118 thou tread’st down all that from thy laws

do stray: for false is their deceit.

119 All th’ earths lewd ones like dross thou ‘stroyd’st

therefore thy records love I do.

120 For fear of thee my flesh doth quake:

I do thy judgments dread also.

(16) Ain.

121 Quite to oppressors leave me not:

I judgment do, and righteousness.

122 thy servants surety be for good:

let not the proud ones me oppress.

123 Mine eyes for thy salvation fail:

as also for thy righteous word.

124 In mercy with thy servant deal:

and thy laws-learning me afford.

125 I am thy servant, make me wise,

thy testimonies for to know.

126 Time for thee Lord it is to work,

for men thy law do overthrow.

127 Therefore do I thy precepts love,

above gold, yea the finest gold.

128 All false paths hate I: for thy rules

of all things, are all right, I hold.

(17) Pe.

129 Right-wondrous are thy testimonies:

therefore my soul keeps them with care.

130 The entrance ‘of thy words gives light:

and makes them wise that simple are.

131 I gape and pant for thy precepts;

because I longed for the same.

132 Look on me, and such grace me show,

as thou dost them that love thy Name

133 My steps by thy word guide: and let

no wickedness bear rule in me.

134 From men’s oppression me redeem:

and thy laws-keeper will I be.

135 Make thy face on thy servant shine:

and me to learn thy statutes cause.

136 Mine eyes run floods of waters down:

because thy do not keep thy laws.

(18) Tzaddi.

137 Sincerely-just are thou, o Lord,

thy judgments upright are also.

138 Thy testimonies thou commandst

are right, yea, very faithful too.

139 My zeal consumed me, because

mine enemies thy words forget.

140 Thy word it is exceeding pure:

therefore thy servant loveth it.

141 Small am I, and contemptible:

yet thy commands forget not I.

142 Thy justice, justice is for aye:

also thy law is verity.

143 Distress and anguish seas’d on me:

yet thy commands delights me give.

144 Thy records justice lasts for aye:

make thou me wise, and I shall live.

(19) Koph.

145 To me that cry with my whole heart

Lord hear: thy statues keep I will.

146 I unto thee did cry: save me,

and I shall keep thy records still.

147 The dawning I prevent, and cry:

I for thy word do hopeful-wait.

148 Mine eyes prevent the night-watches,

in thy word for to meditate.

149 Lord, of thy mercy hear my voice:

after thy judgments quicken me.

150 Who follow mischief, they draw nigh:

who from thy law afar off be.

151 But o Jehovah, thou are near:

and all thy precepts verity.

152 I long since of thy records knew:

thou laid’st them for eternity.

(20) Resh.

153 View mine affliction, and me free:

for I thy law do not forget.

154 Plead thou my cause, and me redeem:

for thy words sake alive me set.

155 Salvation from lewd men is far:

sith they thy laws to find ne’re strive.

156 Great are thy bowel-mercies Lord:

after thy judgments me revive.

157 Many my foes and hunters are:

yet I not from thy records swerve.

158 I saw transgressors, and was griev’d,

for they thy word do not observe.

159 See Lord, that I thy precepts love:

grant, of thy bounty live I may.

160 Thy word’s beginning it is truth:

and all thy right judgments for aye.

(21) Schin.

161 Without cause Princes me pursue:

but of thy word my hearts in awe.

162 As one that hath much booty found,

so I rejoice do in thy law.

163 Lying I hate, and it abhor:

but thy law dearly love do I.

164 Seven times a day I praise thee, for

the judgments of thine equity.

165 Great peace have they that love thy law:

and such shall find no stumbling-stone.

166 I hop’t for thy salvation, Lord:

and thy commandments I have done.

167 My soul thy testimonies keeps:

and them I love exceedingly.

168 I keep thy rules and thy records:

for all my ways before thee be.

(22) Tau.

169 Yield Lord, my cry, to approach thy face:

as thou hast spoke, me prudent make.

170 Let my request before thee come:

deliver me for thy words sake.

171 My lips shall utter forth thy praise:

when thou thy laws hast learned me.

172 My tongue shall forth thy word resound:

for all thy precepts justice be.

173 To help me let thy hand be near:

for thy commandments chose have I.

174 I long for thy salvation, Lord:

and my delights in thy law lie.

175 Let my soul live, and shew thy praise:

help me also thy judgments let.

176 Like lost sheep stray’d, thy servant seek:

for I thy laws do not forget