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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 118

1 O Give ye thanks unto the Lord,

because that good is he;

because his loving kindness lasts

to perpetuity.

2 For ever that his mercy lasts

let Israel now say.

3 Let Aaron’s house now say, that his

mercy endures for aye.

4 Likewise let them now say, who of

Jehovah fearers be;

his loving kindness that it lasts

to perpetuity.

5 I did list up my voice to God

from out of straitness great;

the Lord me answer’d, and me plac’t

in an enlarged seat.

6 The Lord’s for me, I will not fear

what man can do to me.

7 Jehovah takes my part with them

that of me helpers be:

Therefore upon them that me hate

my wishes see shall I.

8 “Tis better to trust in the Lord:

then on man to rely.


9 ‘Tis better to trust on the Lord:

then trust in Princes put.

10 All nations compast me, but them

in Gods Name I’ll off cut.

11 They compast me about, yea they

me compassed about:

but in Jehovah’s Name I will

them utterly root out.

12 They compast me like Bees, are quencht

like as of thorns they flame:

but I will utterly destroy

them in Jehovah’s Name.

13 Thou didst thrust sore to make me fall:

the Lord yet helped me.

14 The Lord my fortitude and song:

and saving health is he.

15 The tabernacles of the just

the voice of joy afford

and of salvation: strongly works

the right hand of the Lord.

16 The right hand of Jehovah is

exalted up on high:

the right hand of Jehovah is

a working valiantly.


17 I shall not dye, but live: and tell

what things the Lord worketh.

18 The Lord did sorely chasten me:

but gave me not to death.

19 O set wide open unto me

the gates of righteousness:

I will go into them, and will

Jehovah’s praise confess.

20 This same Jehovah’s gate at which

the just shall enter in.

21 I’ll praise thee, for thou hast me heard,

and hast my safety bin.

22 The stone which builders did refuse

head corner stone now lies.

23 This is the doing of the Lord:

it's wondrous in our eyes.


24 This is the very day the which

Jehovah he hath made:

we will exceedingly rejoice,

and in it will be glad.

25 Jehovah I do thee beseech,

salvation now afford:

I humbly thee intreat, now send

prosperity, o Lord.

26 He that comes in Jehovah’s Name

o let him blessed be:

out of Jehovah’s house to you

a blessing with do we.

27 God he Jehovah is, and he

light unto us affords:

the sacrifices bind unto

the altars horns with cords.

28 Thou art my God, and I’ll thee praise,

my God I’ll set thee high.

29 O praise the Lord, for he is good,

and aye lasts his mercy.