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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 118

1 a Because God by creating Dauid King, shewed his mercies toward his afflicted Church, the Prophet doeth not onely him self thanke God, but exhorteth all the people to do the same.

1 ! Dauid rejected of Saul and of the people, at the time apointed obteined the kingdome.

4 ! For the which he biddeth all them, that feare the Lord, to be thankeful. And vnder his persone in all this was Christ liuely set forthe, who shulde be of his people rejected.

5 b We are here taught, that the more the troubles oppresse vs, the more oght we to be instant in praier.

6 c Being exalted to this estate, he assured him selfe to haue man euer to be his enemie. Yet he douted not, but God wolde mainteine him because he had placed him.

8 d He sheweth that he had trusted in vaine, if he had put his confidence in man, to haue bene preserred to the Kingdome, & therefore he put his trust in God & obteined.

14 f In that he was deliuered, it came not of him selfe, nor of the power of man, but onely of Gods fauour: therefore he wil praise him.

15 g He promiseth bothe to rendre graces himself, & to cause other to do the same, because that in his persone the Church was restored.

16 h So that all, that are bothe farre & nere, maie se his mightie power.

19 i He willeth the dores of the Tabernacle to be opened, that he maie declare his thankeful minde.

22 k Thogh Saul and the chief powers refused me to be King, yet God hathe preserred me about them all.

24 l Wherein God hathe shewed chiefly his mercie by appointing me King, and deliuering his Church.

25 m The people praie for the prosperitie of Dauids kingdome, who was the figure of Christ.

26 n Which are the priests and haue the charge thereof, as {Nomb. 6,23}

27 o Because he hathe restored vs from darkenes to light, we wil offer sacrifices and praises vnto him.