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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 120

1 a That is, of lifting vp the tune & rising in singing.

1 b Albeit the children of God oght to rejoyce, when they suffer for righteousnes sake, yet it is a great grief to the flesh to heare euil for wel doing.

1 ! The prayer of Dauid vexed by the false reportes of Sauls flatteres.

3 c He assured him self that God wolde turne their craft to their owne destruction.

4 d He sheweth that there is nothing so sharpe to perce, nor so hote to set on fyre as a sclanderous tongue.

5 e These were people of Arabia, which came of Japhet, {Gen. 10, 2}

5 ! And therefore he lamenteth his long abode among those infideles,

7 g He declareth what he meaneth by Meshech, and Kedar: to wit, the Israelites which had degenerate from their godlie fathers and hated and contended against the faithful.

7 ! Who were giuen to all kinde of wickednes and contention.