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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 121

1 / Or, aboue the mountaines: meaning, that there is nothing so high in this worlde, wherein he can trust but onely in God.

1 ! This Psalme teacheth thah the faithful oght onely to loke for helpe at God.

2 a He accuseth mans ingratitude, which can not depend on Gods power.

3 b He sheweth that Gods prouidence not onely watcheth ouer his Church in general, but also ouer euerie member therof.

6 c Nether heate nor colde, not anie incommoditie shalbe able to destroie Gods Church: albeit for a time they maie molest it.

7 ! Who onely doeth mainteine, preserue and prosper his Church.

8 d Whatsoeuer thou doest enterprise, shal haue good successe.