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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 122

1 a He rejoyceth that God had appointed a place, where the Arke shulde stil remaine.

1 ! Dauid rejoyceth in the name of the faithful, that God hathe accomplished his promes, and placed his Arke in Zion.

2 b Which were wonte to wader to and fro, as the Arke remoued.

3 c By the artificial joyning & beautie of the houses, he meaneth the concord, & loue that was betwene the citizens.

4 d All the tribes according to Gods couenant shal come and praye there.

5 e In whose house God placed the throne of justice, and made it a figure of Christs kingdome.

7 f The fauour of God prosper thee bothe within and without.

8 ! And praieth for the prosperitie of the Church.

8 g Not onely for mine owne sake, but for all the faithful.