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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 87

1 a God did chuse that place among the hils to establish Jerusalem & his Temple.

1 ! The holie God promiseth that the condition of the Church, which was in miserie after the captiuitie of Babylon, shulde be restored to great excellencie,

3 b Thogh thy glorious estate do not yet appeare, yet waite with pacience & God wil accomplish his promes.

4 c That is, Egypt & these other contreis shal come to the knowledge of God.

4 d It shalbe said of him that is regenerat & come to the Church, that he is as one that was borne in the Church.

4 ! So that there shulde be nothing more comfortable, then to be nombred among the members thereof.

5 e Out of all quarters they shal come into the Church and be counted as citizens.

6 f When he calleth by his worde them into the Church, whome he had elected and writen in his boke.

7 g The Prophet setteth his wole affections and comfort in the Church.