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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 88

1 a That is, to humble. It was the beginning of a song by the tune whereof this Psalme was sung.

1 b Thogh many crye in their sorowes,yet they crye not earnestly to God for remedie as he did: whome he confessed to be the autor of his saluacion.

1 ! A grieurus complaint of the faithful, sore afflicted by sicknes, persecution & aduersitie:

5 d That is, from thy prouidence & care, which is ment according to the judgement of the flesh.

5 c For he that is dead, is fre from all cares & busines of this life: & thus he saieth because he was vnprofitable for all matters concerning mans life, and as it were cut of from this worlde.

7 ! Being as it were left of God without anie consolation.

7 e The stormes of thy wrath haue ouerwhelmed me.

8 f He attributeth the losse & displeasure of his friends to Gods prouidence, whereby he partely punisheth and partely trieth his.

8 g I se none end of my sorowes.

10 i He sheweth that the time is more couenient for God, to helpe, when men call vnto him in their dangers then to tary til thei be dead & then raise them vp againe.

12 k That is, the graue, where onely the bodie lieth without all sense and remembrance.

13 ! Yet he calleth on God by faith & striueth against desperation

15 l I am euer in great dangers & sorowes, as thogh my life shulde btterly be cut of euerie moment.

18 ! Complaining him self to be forsaken of all earthlie helpe.