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Scottish Psalter: Psalm 88

Psalm 88: Lord God, my Saviour, day and night

A Song or Psalm for the sons of Korah, to the chief Musician upon Mahalath Leannoth, Maschil of Heman the Ezrahite.

Meter: C.M. (8,6,8,6)

1 Lord God, my Saviour, day and night before thee cry’d have I. 2 Before thee let my prayer come; give ear unto my cry.

3 For troubles great do fill my soul; my life draws nigh the grave. 4 I’m counted with those that go down to pit, and no strength have.

5 Ev’n free among the dead, like them that slain in grave do lie; Cut off from thy hand, whom no more thou hast in memory.

6 Thou hast me laid in lowest pit, in deeps and darksome caves. 7 Thy wrath lies hard on me, thou hast me press’d with all thy waves.

8 Thou hast put far from me my friends, thou mad’st them to abhor me; And I am so shut up, that I find no evasion for me.

9 By reason of affliction mine eye mourns dolefully: To thee, Lord, do I call, and stretch my hands continually.

10 Wilt thou shew wonders to the dead? shall they rise, and thee bless? 11 Shall in the grave thy love be told? in death thy faithfulness?

12 Shall thy great wonders in the dark, or shall thy righteousness Be known to any in the land of deep forgetfulness?

13 But, Lord, to thee I cry’d; my pray’r at morn prevent shall thee. 14 Why, Lord, dost thou cast off my soul, and hid’st thy face from me?

15 Distress’d am I, and from my youth I ready am to die; Thy terrors I have borne, and am distracted fearfully.

16 The dreadful fierceness of thy wrath quite over me doth go: Thy terrors great have cut me off, they did pursue me so.

17 For round about me ev’ry day, like water, they did roll; And, gathering together, they have compassed my soul.

18 My friends thou hast put far from me, and him that did me love; And those that mine acquaintance were to darkness didst remove.