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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 89

1 a Thogh the horrible confusion of things might cause them to despaire of Gods fauours, yet the manifolde examples of his merices cause them to trust in God, thogh to mans judgement thei sawe none occasion.

1 ! With manie wordes doeth the Prophet praise the goodnes of God.

2 c As thine inuisible heauen is not subject to anie alteraction & changes: so shal the trueth of thy promes by vnchangeable.

3 d The Prophet sheweth what was the promes of God, wheron he grounded his faith.

5 e The Angels shal praise thy power & faithfulnes in deliuering thy Church.

5 f That is, in the heauens.

7 h If the Angels tremble before Gods majestie & infinite justice, what earthlie creature by oppressing the Church, dare set him selfe against God?

9 i For as he deliuered the Church by the red Sea, & by destroying Rahab, that is, the Egyptians: so wil he est sone deliuer it, when the dangers be great.

12 k Tabor is a mountaine West warde from Jerusalem, & Hermon East warde: so the Prophet signifieth that all partes & places of the worlde shal obey Gods power for the deliuerance of his Church.

14 l For hereby he judgeth the world & sheweth him slef a merciful Father & faithful protector vnto his.

15 n They shalbe preserued by thy Fatherlie prouidence.

15 m Feling in their conscience that God is their Father.

17 o In that they are preserued and continue they oght to giue the priase and glorie onely to thee.

18 p In that that our King hathe power to defend vs, it is the gift of God.

19 r Whome I haue bothe chosen and giuen him strength to execute his office, as {vers. 21}

19 q To Samuel and to others, to assure that Dauid was thy chosen one.

23 ! For his testament & couenant, that he had made betwene him and his elect by Jesus Christ the sonne fo Dauid:

23 s Thogh there shalbe euermore enemies against Gods kingdome, yet he promiseth to ouercome them.

24 t I wil mercifully performe my promises to him, not withstanding his infirmities & offences.

24 u His power, glorie & estate.

26 y His excellent dignitie shal appeare herein that he shal be named the sonne of God, & the first borne, wherein he is a figure of Christ.

29 z Thogh for the sinnes of the people the tate of this kingdome decayed: yet God reserued stil a rote, til he had accomplished this promes in Christ.

33 a Thogh the faithful answer not in all points to their profession, yet God wil not breake his couenant with them.

34 b For God in promising hathe respect to his mercie and not to mans power in performing.

35 / Ebr., if I lie vnto Dauid: which is a maner of othe.

37 c As long as the sunne and moone endure, they shalbe witnesses to me of this promes.

38 ! Then doeth he complaine of the great ruine, and desolation of the kingdome of Dauid, so that to the outwarde appearance the promes was broke.

39 d Because of the horrible confussion of things, the Prophet complaineth to God as thogh he sawe not the performance of his promes. And thus discharging his cares on God, he resisteth doute & inpaciencie.

39 e By this he meaneth that horrible dissipation and renting of the kingdome, which was vnder Jeroboam: or els by the Spirit of prophecie Ethan speaketh of those great miseries, which cam sone afterwarde to passe at the captiuitie of Babylon.

45 f He sheweth that the kingdome failed before it came to perfection of was ripe.

46 g The Prophet in joyning praier with his complaint, sheweth that his faith neuer failed.

46 ! Finally he praieth to be deliuered from his afflictions, making mention of the shortnes of mans life & confirming him self by Gods promises.

47 h Seing mans life is short, & you hast created man to bestowe thy benefites vpon him, except thou haste to helpe, death wil preuent thee.

50 i He meaneth that Gods enemies did not onely sclander him behinde his backe: but also mocked him to his face, & as it were cast their injuries in his bosome.

51 k So he calleth them the persecute the Church.

51 l They laugh as vs, which paciently waite for the comming of thy Christ.