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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 83

1 ! The people of Israel praie vnto the Lord, to deliuer them from their enemies bothe at home and farre of, which imagined nothing but their destruction.

1 a This Psalme semeth to haue bene composed, as a forme of praier against the dangers that the Church was in in the daies of Joshaphat

2 b He calleth them Gods enemies, which are enemies to his Church.

3 c The elect of God are his secret ones: for he hideth them in the secret of his tabernacle, & preserueth them from all dangers.

4 d Thei were not content to take the Church as prisoner, but soght vtterly to destroy it.

5 f Thei thoght to haue subuerted thy counsel, wherein the perpetuitie of the Church was established.

5 e By all secret meanes.

8 g The wickednes of the Ammonites & Moabites is described, in that they prouoked these other nations to fight against the Israelites their brethren.

9 ! And thei desire that all suche wicked people maie, according as God was accustomed, be stricken with the stormie tempest of Gods wrath

9 h By these examples, thei were confirmed that God wolde not suffer his people to be vtterly destroied, {Judg. 7,21 and 4,15}

12 k That is, Judea: for where his Church is there dwelleth he among them.

13 l Because the reprobate colde by no meanes be amended, he praieth that thei maie vtterly be destroied, be vnstable & led with all windes.

16 m That is, be compelled by thy plagues to confesse thy power.

18 ! That they mai knowe that the Lord is moste high vpon the earth.

18 n Thogh they beleue not, yet thei maie proue by experience, that it is in vaine to resist against thy counsel in establishing thy Church.