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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 84

1 a Dauid complaineth that he can not haue accesse to the Church of God to make profession of his faith ??? to profit in religion.

2 ! Desireth moste ardently to come againe to the Tabernacle of the Lord & the assemblie of the Saints to praise God.

2 b For none but the priests colde enter in to the Sanctuarie, & the rest of the people into the courtes.

3 c So that the poore birdes haue more libertie then I.

5 d Who trusteth nothing in him self, but in thee onely, & learneth of thee to rule his life.

6 ! Then he praiseth the courage of the people that passe through the wildernes to assemble them selues in Zion.

6 e That is, of mulberietrees which was a baren place: so that they which passed through must dig pits for water: signifying no lets can hinder them that are fully bent to come to Christs

7 f Thei are neuer wearie, but increase in strength & courage til thei come to Gods House.

9 g That is, for Chrsts sake, whose figure I represent.

10 ! Finally with praise of this matter & confidence of Gods goodnes he endeth the Psalme.

10 h He wolde wish to liue but one daie rather in Gods Church, then a thousand among the worldelings.

11 i But wil from time to time increase his blessings towards his more and more.