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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 83

A psalm or song of Asaph,

1 O GOD, do not thou silence keep:

o do not thou refrain

thy self from speaking, and o God.

do not thou dumb remain.

2 For lo, thine enemies that be

do rage tumultuously:

and they that haters be of thee

have lift the head on high.

3 Against those that thy people be

they crafty counsel take;

also against thy hidden ones

they consultation make.

4 They said, lest they a nation be,

let's cut them down therefore,

that in remembrance Isr’el’s name

may not be any more.

5 For they together taken have

counsel with one consent,

and in confederation

against thee they are bent.

6 The tabernacles of Edom

and of the Ishmaelites:

the people of the Hagarenes

and of the Moabites.

7 The men of Gebal, with Ammon,

and Amalek conspire,

the Philistims, with them that be

inhabitants of Tyre.

8 Assyria moreover is

conjoined unto them:

and help they have administered

unto Lots children.


9 As thou didst to the Midianites,

so to them be it done:

as unto Sisera and Jabin

at the Brook of Kison

10 Who near to Endor suddenly

were quite discomfited:

who also did become as dung

that on the earth is spread.

11 Like unto Oreb, and like Zeeb

make thou their Nobles fall,

yea, as Zebah and Zalmunna

make thou their Princes all.

12 Who said, for our possession

Gods houses let us take.

13 My God, thou like a wheel, like straw

before the wind them make.

14 As fire doth burn a wood, and as

the flame sets hills on fire:

15 So with thy tempest them pursue,

and fright them in thine ire.

16 Doe thou their faces all fill full

of ignominious shame:

that so they may o Lord, be made

to seek after thy name.

17 Confounded let them ever be,

and terribly troubled:

yea, let them be put unto shame,

and be extinguished.

18 That men may know; that thou whose name

JEHOVAH is only,

art over all the earth throughout

advanced the most high.