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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 82

1 ! The Prophet declaring God to be present among the Judges and Magistrates.

1 a The Prophet sheweth that if princes and judges do not their duetie, God, whose autoritie is aboue them, wil take vengeance on them.

2 b For theues and murderes finde fauour in judgement, when the cause of the godlie can not be heard.

2 ! Reproueth their parcialitie.

4 c Not onely when they crye for helpe, but when their cause requireth aide & support.

5 d That is, all things are out of ordre, ether by their tyranie or careles negligence.

5 ! But seing none amendement

7 e No title honour shal excuse you, but you shalbe subject to Gods judgement, and render a compt as wel as other men.

8 f Therefore not tyrant shal plucke thy right & autoritie from thee.

8 ! He desireth God to vndertake the matter & execute justice him self.