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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 81

1 b It semeth that this psal. was appointed for solemne feastes & assemblies of the people, to whome for a time these ceremonies were ordeined, but now vnder the Gospel are abolished.

1 ! An exhortation to praise God bothe in heart & voice for his benefites.

3 c Vnder this feast he comprehendeth all other solemine daies.

5 e God speaketh in the persone of the people, because he was their leader.

5 d That is, in Israel: for Josephs familie was counted the chief before that Judah was preferred.

6 f If thei were neuer able to giue sufficient thankes to God for this deliuerance from corporal bondage, how muche more are we indetted to him for our spiritual deliuerance from the tyrannie of Satan & sinne?

7 / Or, contention, {Exod. 17,16}

8 h He condemneth all assembles, where the people are not attentiue to heare Gods voice, & to giue obedience to the same.

10 i God accuseth their incredulitie, because thei opened not their mouthes to receiue Gods benefites insuche abundance as he powreth them out.

12 ! And sheweth what great benefites thei haue lost through their owne malice.

13 k God by his worde calleth all but his secret election appointeth, who shal heare with frute.

15 m If the Israelites had not broken couenant with God, he wolde haue giue them victorie against their enemies.

16 n That is, with moste fine wheat and abundance of honie.