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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 81

To the chief musician upon Gittith, a psalm of Asaph.

1 SIng unto God who is our strength,

and that with a loud voice:

unto him that is Jacob’s God

make ye a joyful noise.

2 Take up a psalm of melody,

and bring the Timbrel hither:

the Harp which sounds so pleasantly

with Psaltery together.

3 As in the time of the new moon

with Trumpet sound on high:

in the appointed time and day

of our solemnity.

4 Because that unto Israel

this thing a statute was;

and by the God of Jacob this

did for a judgment pass.

5 This witness he in Joseph set

when as through Egypt land

he went: I there a language heard

I did not understand.

6 I from the burden which he bare

his shoulder did set free:

his hands also were from the pots

delivered by me.


7 Thou call’dst in straits, and I thee freed:

in thunders secret way

I answered thee, I prov’d thee at

waters of Meribah. Selah.

8 Hear o my people, and I will

testify unto thee:

o Israel, if that thou wilt

attention give to me.

9 Any strange god there shall not be

in midst of thee at all:

nor unto any foreign god

thou bowing down shalt fall.

10 I am the Lord thy God who thee

from land of Egypt led:

thy mouth ope wide, and thou by me

with plenty shalt be fed.

11 My people yet would not give ear

unto the voice I spake:

and Israel would not in me

quiet contentment take.

12 So in the hardness of their heart

I did them send away,

in their own consultations

likewise then walked they.


13 O that my people unto me

obedient had been:

and o that Israel he had

walked my ways within.

14 I should within a little time

have pulled down their foes:

I should have turn’d my hand upon

such as did them oppose.

15 The haters of the Lord to him

obedience should have faynd:

but unto perpetuity

their time should have remain’d.

16 And with the finest of the wheat

have nourish’t them should he:

with honey of the rock I should

have satisfied thee.