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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 80

1 ! A lamentable praier to God to helpe the miseries of his Church

1 a This pslame was made as a priae for to desire God to be merciful to the ten tribes.

1 b Moue their hearts that thei may returne to worship God aright: that is in the place where thou hast appointed.

3 c Joyne thy whole people & all thy tribes together againe.

4 d The faithful freare Gods angre, when thei perceiue that their paraiers are not forthwith heard.

6 e Our neighbours haue continual strife & warre against vs.

7 f Because that repentance onely commenth of God, thei moste instantly & oft times call to God for it as a meane, whereby thei shalbe saued.

8 ! Desiring him to consider their first estate, when his fauour shined to wards them, to the intent that he might finish that worke, which he had begonne.

8 g Seing that of thy mercie thou hast made vs a most deare possession to thee, & we through our sinnes are made open for wilde beastes to deuour vs, declare againe thy loue & finish the worke that thou hast begonne.

13 i That is, aswel thei that hate our religion as thei that hate our persones.

14 k Thei gaue not place to tentation knowing that albeit there were no helpe in earth, yet God was able to succour them from heauen.

15 l So that no power can preuaile against it, & which as a yong bud thou raisest vp againe as out of the burnt ashes.

16 m Onely when thou art angrie, and not with the sworde of the enemie.

17 n that is, vpon this vine, or people, whome hou hast planted with thy right hand, that thei shulde be as one mane or one bodie.

18 o For none can call vpon God but suche as are raise vp, as it were, from death to life & regenerate by the holie Spirit.