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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 79

1 ! The Israelites complaine to God for the great calamitie and oppression that thei suffred by Gods enemies.

1 a The people crye vnot God against the barbarous tyranie of the Babylonians, who spoiled Gods inheritance, polluted his Temple, destroied his religion & murthered his people.

2 b The Prophet sheweth to what extremities God Suffreth sometime his Church to fall, to exercise their faith before he set to his hand to deliuer them.

3 c Their frends & kinsfolkes durst not burie them for feare of the enemies.

4 d Whereof some came of Abraham, but were degenerate: & others were open enemies to thy religion, but thei bothe laughed at our miseries.

5 e Wilt you vtterly consume vs for our sinnes, before you takest vs to mercies?

8 ! And confessing their sinnes, flee to Gods mercies with ful hope of deliuerance,

8 f Which we & our fathers haue committed.

8 g And staie not til we haue recompenced for our sinnes.

9 h Seing we haue none other Sauiour, nether can we helpe our selues, and also by our saluacion thy Name shalbe praised, therefore, O Lord, helpe vs.

10 ! Because their calamities were joyned with the contempt of his Name,

11 k Which were captiues among their enemies, & colde loke for nothing but death.

11 i Who thoug in respect of God thei were justely punished for their sinnes, yet in consideration of teir cuase, were vnjustly murthered.

13 l We oght to desire no benefite of God, but on this condition to praise his Name, {Isa. 43, 21}