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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 79

A psalm of Asaph.

1 O GOD, the heathen entered have

thine heritance, and defiled

thine holy temple: they on heaps

Jerusalem have piled.

2 The dead bodies of thy servants

they given have for meat

so th’ fowles of heav’n: flesh of thy Saints

for beasts of earth to eat.

3 Their blood they have forth powered round

about Jerusalem

like unto waters: and there was

none for to bury them.

4 To those that near unto us dwell

reproach become are we:

a scoffing and a scorn to them

that round about us be.

5 How long, Jehovah, wilt thou still

continue in thine ire,

forever? shall thy jealousy

burn like as doth the fire?

6 Upon the heathen pour thy wrath

which never did thee know,

upon the kingdoms that have not

call’d on thy name also.

7 Because they Jacob have devour’d:

his habitation

they also wondrously have brought

to desolation.


8 Mind not against us former sins,

let thy mercies make hast

us to prevent: because we are

near utterly laid waste.

9 God of our safety, help thou us

for thy names glory make,

us free also, and purge away

our sin for thy names sake.

10 Why say the heathen where’s their God?

with heathen let be known

before our eyes, the vengeance of

thy servants blood out flown.

11 Before thee let the prisoners sighs

come up, accordingly

as is thy mighty arm: save those

that are design’d to dye,

12 And to our neighbours seven fold,

into their bosom pay,

that their reproach, with which o Lord,

reproached thee have they.

13 So we thy folk and pasture sheep,

will give thee thanks always:

and unto generations all,

we will shew forth thy praise.