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Geneva Bible (1599): Psalm 80

1 To him that excelleth on Shoshannim Eduth. A Psalme committed to Asaph. Heare, O thou Shepheard of Israel, thou that leadest Ioseph like sheepe: shewe thy brightnes, thou that sittest betweene the Cherubims.

2 Before Ephraim and Beniamin and Manasseh stirre vp thy strength, and come to helpe vs.

3 Turne vs againe, O God, and cause thy face to shine that we may be saued.

4 O Lord God of hostes, how long wilt thou be angrie against the prayer of thy people?

5 Thou hast fedde them with the bread of teares, and giuen them teares to drinke with great measure.

6 Thou hast made vs a strife vnto our neighbours, and our enemies laugh at vs among themselues.

7 Turne vs againe, O God of hostes: cause thy face to shine, and we shalbe saued.

8 Thou hast brought a vine out of Egypt: thou hast cast out the heathen, and planted it.

9 Thou madest roume for it, and didest cause it to take roote, and it filled the land.

10 The mountaines were couered with the shadowe of it, and the boughes thereof were like the goodly cedars.

11 Shee stretched out her branches vnto the Sea, and her boughes vnto the Riuer.

12 Why hast thou then broken downe her hedges, so that all they, which passe by the way, haue plucked her?

13 The wilde bore out of the wood hath destroyed it, and the wilde beastes of the fielde haue eaten it vp.

14 Returne we beseech thee, O God of hostes: looke downe from heauen and beholde and visite this vine,

15 And the vineyard, that thy right hand hath planted, and the young vine, which thou madest strong for thy selfe.

16 It is burnt with fire and cut downe: and they perish at the rebuke of thy countenance.

17 Let thine hande be vpon the man of thy right hande, and vpon the sonne of man, whome thou madest strong for thine owne selfe.

18 So will not we goe backe from thee: reuiue thou vs, and we shall call vpon thy Name.

19 Turne vs againe, O Lord God of hostes: cause thy face to shine and we shalbe saued.