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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 75

1 a Read {Psal. 57,1}

1 b He declareth how the faithful shal euer haue just occasion to praise God, for asmuche as in their nede thei shal fele his power at hand to helpe them.

2 ! Which shal come to judge at the time appointed,

2 c When I se my time (faith God) to helpe your miseries, I wil come & set all things in good ordre.

3 d Thogh all things be broght to ruine, yet I can restore & preserue them.

5 e The Prophet warneth the wicked that they wolde not set them selues against Gods people, seing that God at his time destroyeth them that rule wickedly

8 ! When the wicked shalbe put to confusion, and drinke of the cup of his wrath

8 f Gods wrath is compared to a cup of strong & delicate wine, wherewith the wicked are made so dronke, that by drinking til they come to the verie dregs, they are vtterly destroyed.

9 g The godlie shal better prosper by their innocent simplicitie, then the wicked shal by all their craft, & subteltie.

10 ! Their pride shalbe abated, & the righteous shal be exalted to honour.