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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 74

1 ! The faithful complaine of the destruction of the Church & true religion.

1 a The Church of God being oppressed by the tyrannie ether of the Babylonians, or of Antiochus, praieth to God by whose hand this yoke was laied vpon them for their sinnes.

2 ! Vnder the name of Zion, and the Temple destryed

2 b Which inheritance you hast measured out for thy self as with a line or rod.

4 c They haue destroyed thy true religion & spread their banners in signe of defiance.

5 d He commendeth the Temple for the costlie matter, the excellent, workemanship & beautie therof which not wihstanding the enemies did destroye.

8 e They incourages one another to crueltie, that not onely Gods people might be destroyed, but also his religion vtterly in all places suppressed.

9 f They lament that they haue not Prophet among them to shewe them how long their miseries shulde endure.

11 g They joyne their deliuerance with Gods glorie & power, knowing that the punishment of the enemie shulde be their deliuerance.

11 ! And trusting in the might & fre mercies of God

14 k Which was a great monstre of the sea, or whale, meaning Pharaoh.

14 l His destrucion did rejoyce them as meat refreshesh the bodie

16 m Seing that God by his prouidence gouerneth & disposeth all things, he gathereth that he wil take care chiefly for his children.

19 n He meaneth the Church of God, which is exposed as a pray to the wicked.

20 o That is, all places where thy worde shineth not there reigneth tyrannie & ambition.

20 ! By his couenant,

21 ! They require helpe & succour for the glorie of Gods holie Name, for the saluacion of his poore afflicted seruants

22 p He sheweth that God can not suffer his Church to be oppressed, except he lose his owne right.

23 / Or, increaseth more and more.