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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 75

To the chief musician Altaschith, psalm or song of Asaph.

1 O GOD, to thee do we give thanks,

thanks give we unto thee:

and that thy name is near at hand;

thy wonders shew to be.

2 When I th’ assembly shall receive

uprightly judge I will.

3 Th’ earth and its dwellers all do melt:

I stay its pillars still,

4 I did unto the foolish say,

deal not so foolishly:

also unto the wicked ones,

lift not the horn on high.

5 Lift ye not up your horn on high:

with stiffened neck speak not,

6 For neither from East, West, nor South,

promotion can be got.

7 But God is judge: he sets up one,

another down doth tread.

8 For in the Lords hand is a cup,

also the wine is red:

It’s full of mixture, and thereout

he pours: but on earth all

the wicked ones the dregs thereof

both strain, and drink them shall.

9 But as for me I will declare,

for evermore I will

sing praises unto him that is

the God of Jacob still.

10 Of men ungodly all the horns

also cut off will I:

but the horns of the righteous,

shall be exalted high.