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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 76

1 ! This Psalme setteth forthe the power of God & care for the defence of his people in Jerusalem, in the destruction of the armie of Saneherib:

1 a He declareth that Gods power is euidently sene in preseruing his people and destroying his enemies.

4 c He compareth the kingdomes ful of extortion & rapine to the mountaines that are ful of rauening beasts.

5 d God hathe taken their spirits & strength from them, as thogh their hands were cut of.

7 e God with a looke is able to destroye all the power & actiuitie of the enemies, were thei neuer so manie or mightie.

10 g For the end shal shewe that the enemies was able to bring nothing to passe also you shalt bridle their rage, that they shal not compasse their purpose.

11 ! And exhorteth the faithful to be thankeful for the same.

11 h To wit, the Leuites that dwel about the Tabernacle, or the people, among whome he doeth dwell.

12 i The Ebrewe worde signifieth, to vintage, or gather rapes: meaning that he shal make the counsels and enterprises of wicked tyrants foolish and vaine.