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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 77

1 a The Prophet teacheth vs by his eample to fell vnto God for helpe in our necessities.

1 ! The Prophet in the name of the Church rehearseth the greatnes of his affliction, and his grieuous tentations.

3 b He sheweth that we must paciently abide although God deliuer vs not out of our troubles at the first cry.

4 c Meaning that his sorowes were as watchmen that kept his eies from sleping.

6 d Of thankesgiuing which I was accustomed to sing in my prosperitie.

6 e Bothe the causes why I was chastened, and when my sorowes shulde haue an end.

8 f As if he shulde saie, It is impossible: wherby he exhorteth him selfe to pacience.

10 g Thogh Ifirst douted of my life, yet considering that God had his yeres, that is, change of times, & was accustomed also to lift vp them, whome he hathe beaten, I toke heart againe.

11 ! And the continual course of Gods workes in the preseruation of his seruants, & so he confirmeth his faith against these tentations.

13 h That is, in heauen, wherunto we must ascend by faith, if we wil knowe the waies of God.

13 i He condemneth all that worship anie thing saue the onely true God, whose glorie appeareth through the worlde.

16 k He declareth, wherin that the power of God was declared, when he deliuered the Israelites through the red Sea.

19 m For when you hades broght ouer thy people, the water returned to her course & the enemies that thoght to haue followed them colde not passe through, {Exod. 4,19}