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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 77

To the chief musician, to Jeduthun, a psalm of Asaph.

1 TO GOD I cried with my voice:

yea with my voice I have

cried unto the mighty God;

and ear to me he gave.

2 In my distress I sought the Lord:

my sore ran in the night,

and ceased not: also my soul

refused comfort quite.

3 I did remember God, also

disquieted was I:

I did complain, and my spirit

o’rewhelmed was heavily. Selah.

4 Awaking thou dost hold mine eyes:

I cannot speak for fears.

5 I have considered days of old,

of ancient times the years.


6 To my remembrance I do call

the song in night I had:

I commun’d with my heart, also

strict search my spirit made.

7 For ever will the Lord cast off?

and pleasd will he not be?

8 His tender mercy is it ceast

to perpetuity?

His promise doth it, fail for aye?

9 Hath God forgot likewise

gracious to be? hath he shut up

in wrath his dear mercies? Selah.

10 Then did I say, within myself,

tis mine infirmity:

the years of the right hand I will

think on of the most high.


11 I will unto remembrance call

the actions of the Lord:

thy wondrous works of ancient time

surely I will record.

12 I’ll muse also of all thy works,

and of thy doings talk.

13 Within the temple is thy way,

o God, where thou dost walk.

What god so great as our God is?

14 Works wonderful that are

thou God hast done; among the folk

thou dost thy strength declare.

15 Those that thy people are thou hast

with thine own arm set free,

of Jacob also of Joseph

the children that be. Selah.


16 Thee did the waters see, o God,

thee did the waters see:

they were afraid, the deeps also

could not but troubled be.

17 With waters were the clouds pour’d forth,

the skies a sound out sent:

also thine arrows on each side

abroad dispersed went.

18 Thy thunders voice in heaven was:

the world illuminate

thy lightnings did, the earth also

trembled and shook hereat.

19 Thy ways ith sea, thy paths and steps

unkown, are in the deep.

20 By Moses and by Aaron’s hand

thou ledst thy folk like sheep.