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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 78

Maschil of Asaph.

1 GIve liftning ear unto my law,

ye people that are mine,

unto the sayings of my mouth

do ye your ear incline.

2 My mouth I’ll ope in parables,

I’ll speak hid things of old:

3 Which we have heard and known: and which

our fathers have us told.

4 Them from their children we’ll not hide,

to th’ after age shewing

the Lords praises: his strength, and works

of his wondrous doing.

5 In Jacob he a witness set,

and put in Israel

a law, which he our fathers charg’d,

they should their children tell:

6 That th’ age to come and children which

are to be borne might know;

that they might rise up and the same

unto their children show.

7 That they upon the mighty God

their confidence might set:

and Gods works and his commandment

might keep and not forget,

8 And might not like their fathers be,

a stiff, stout race; a race

that set not right their hearts: nor firm

with God their spirit was.


9 The armed sons of Ephraim,

that went out with their bow,

did turn their backs in the day when

they did to battle go.

10 Gods cov’nant they kept not: to walk

in his law they denied:

11 His works, and wonders, they forgot,

that he to them descried.

12 Things that were marvelous he did

within their fathers sight:

in Egypt’s land, within the field

of Zoan, by his might.

13 He did divide the sea, also

he caus’d them through to pass:

and he the waters made to stand

that as an heap it was.

14 With cloud by day, with fire all night

15 he led them; Rocks he clave

in wilderness, as from great deeps

drink unto them he gave.

16 Ev’n from out of the stony rock

streams he did bring also,

and caused water to run down

like as the rivers do.


17 Moreover they did add yet more

against him for to sin:

by their provoking the most high

the wilderness within.

18 An also they within their heart

did tempt the God of might:

by asking earnestly for meat

for their souls’ appetite:

19 Moreover they against God spake:

they said can God be able

within the desert wilderness

to furnish us a table:

20 Lo, he the rock smote, thence gusht out

waters, and streams did flow:

for his folk can he flesh provide,

can he give bread also?

21 The Lord heard, he was wroth for this,

so kindled was a fire

‘gainst Jacob: and ‘gainst Israel

there came up wrathful ire.

22 For they in God believed not:

nor in his health did hope:

23 Though from above he charg’d the clouds:

and doors of heav’n set ope:


24 Manna to eat he rain’d on them;

and gave them the heav’ns wheat.

25 Each man of them ate Angel’s food:

to th’ full he sent them meat.

26 Ith heav’ns he made the East-wind blow:

brought South-wind by his power.

27 He flesh on them like dust: wing’d fouls

like the seas sand did shower.

28 And in the middest of their camp

he caused it to fall,

ev’n round about on every side

their dwelling places all.

29 So they did eat, they filled were

abundantly also:

for that which was their own desire

he did on them bestow:

30 Howbeit they were not estrang’d

from their lustful desire:

but while their meat was in their mouths,

31 Upon them came Gods ire,

And slew their fat ones: and smote down

of Israel the choice men.

32 Still for all this they sinn’d: nor did

believe his wonders then.


33 Therefore he did in vanity

the days of their life spend,

and hastily he brought their years

unto a fearful end.

34 When he them flew, then after him

they sought with their desire:

and they return’d, early also

did after God enquire.

35 Likewise that God was their strong rock

they call’d to memory:

and that they mighty God most high,

was their Redeemer free.

36 Yet with their mouth they flattered him:

and to him their tongues lied.

37 For right their heart was not in them:

nor did in’s cov’nant bide.

38 But full of mercy, he forgave

their sin, and story’d them not;

yea, oft he turn’d his wrath aside,

nor rais’d all’s anger hot.

39 For he, that they were but frail flesh,

and as it were a wind

that passeth, and comes not again,

recalled unto mind.


40 How oft in desert vext they him:

and made him there to moan?

41 Yea, they turn’d, tempted God: and did

stint Isr’el’s holy one.

42 His hand they did not, nor the day

keep in their remembrance:

wherein he from the enemy

gave them deliverance:

43 And how his signs miraculous

in Egypt he had shown:

and his most fearful prodigies

within the field of Zoan:

44 Also how he their rivers had

converted into blood:

and (that they could not drink thereof)

the waters of their flood.

45 Amongst them, which did them devour,

he sent forth divers flies:

and them amongst, which them destroy’d,

he sent forth frogs likewise.

46 He gave their fruit to th’ Caterpillar:

their labour to th’ Locust.

47 He did their Vines destroy with hail:

their Sycamores with frost.

48 Also unto the hail he did

their cattle shut up fast:

likewise their herds of cattle to

the fiery thun’d blast,

49 He cast on them fierce ire, and wrath,

and indignation,

and sore distress: by sending forth

ill Angels them upon.


50 He made a way unto his wrath,

and their soul did not save

from death: also their life over

to Pestilence he gave,

51 He within Egypt land also

all the first borne did smite:

those that within the tents of Ham

were chiefest of their might:

52 But he made like a flock of sheep

his own folk forth to go:

like to a flock ith wilderness

he guided them also.

53 And he in safety did them lead

so that they did not dread:

within the sea their enemies

he also covered.

54 And to the border he did bring

them of his holy place:

unto this mountain which he did

by his right hand purchase.

55 Fore them he cast the heathen out,

their lot he did divide

by line: and Isr’el’s tribes he made

in their tents to abide.


56 Yet they tempted the most high God,

and griev’d him bitterly:

also his testimonies they

kept not attentively:

57 But like their fathers back they turn’d

and faithlessness did show:

they turn’d were aside ev’n like

to a deceitful bow.

58 For they to anger did provoke

him with their places high:

and with their graven Images,

mov’d him to jealousy.

59 God hearing this, was wroth, and loath’d

Isr’el with hatred great:

60 So Shiloh’s tent he left: the tent

which men amongst he set,

61 And he delivered his strength

into captivity:

also into the enemies hand

his beautiful glory.

62 To th’ sword he gave his folk: and was

wroth with his heritage.

63 Fire their young men devour’d: their maids

none gave to marriage.

64 Their Priests fell by the sword: also

their widows did not weep.

65 Then did the Lord arise as one

awakened out of sleep:

Like a strong man that after wine

66 doth shout. He also smote

his foes behind: and so he gave

them an eternal blot.

67 Then he did Joseph’s tent refuse:

nor Ephr’ims tribe approv’d.

68 But he the tribe of Judah chose:

mount Sion which he lov’d.

69 And he his Sanctuary built

like unto places high:

like to the earth which he did found

to perpetuity.

70 Of David also his servant

election he did make,

and from the place of folding up

the sheep he did him take.

71 From following the ewes with young

he did him then advance;

to feed Jacob his folk, also

Isr’el his heritance.

72 So he according to his hearts

integrity them fed:

and by the wise discretion

of his hands he them led.