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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 72

1 b Endue the King with the Spirit of wisdome & justice that he reigne not as do the worldelie tyrants.

1 a Composed by Dauid as touching the reigne of his sonne Salomon.

1 ! He praieth for the prosperous astate of the kingdome of Salomon, who was the figure of Christ.

3 d When justice reigneth, euen the places moste barren shal be enriched with thy blessings.

4 e He sheweth wherefore the sworde is committed to Kings: to wit to defend the innocent and suppresse the wicked.

4 ! Under whome shal be righteousnes peace and felicitie.

5 f The people shal imbrace thy true religion, when thou giuest a King, that ruleth according to thy worde.

6 g As this is true in all godlie Kings: so is it verified in Christ, who with heauenlie dewe maketh his Church euer to florish.

8 h That is, from the red Sea to the sea called Syriacum, and from Euphrates forwarde: meaning, that Christs kingdome shulde be large & vniuersal.

10 i Of Cilicia & of all other countreis beyond the sea, which he meaneth by the yles.

10 k That is, of Arabia the riche countrei, wherof Sheba was a parte bordering vpon Ethiopia.

10 ! Unto whome all Kings and all nations shal do homage

14 l Thogh tyrants passe not to shed blood, yet this godlie King shal preserue his subjects from all kinde of wrong.

15 m God wil bothe prosper his life, & also make the people moste willing to obeie him.

16 n Vnder suche a King shalbe moste great plentie, bothe of frute & also of the increase of mankinde.

17 ! Whose name and power shal indure for euer, & in whome all nations shalbe blessed.

17 o They shal praie to God for his continuance, & know that God doeth to prosper them for his sake.

18 p He confesseth that except God miraculously preserue his people, that nether the King nor the kingdome can continue.