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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 71

1 a He praieth to God with ful assurance of faith, that he wil deliuer him from his aduersaries.

1 ! He praieth in faith, established by the worde of the promes.

3 c Thou hast infinite meanes, & all creatures are at thy commandement: therefore shew some signe, whereby I shalbe deliuered.

4 d That is, from Absolom, Ahithophel & that conspiracie.

5 ! And confirmed by the worke of God from his youth

5 e He strengtheneth his faith by the experience of Gods benefites, who did not onely preserue him in his mothers belly, but toke him thence, & euer since hathe preserued him.

7 f All the worlde wondereth at me because of my miseries, aswel thei in autoritie, as the common people, yet being assured of thy fauour I remained stedfast.

9 g Thou that didst helpe me in my youth, when I had more strength, helpe me now so muche the more in mine olde age & weakenes.

10 ! He complaineth of the crueltie of his enemies.

11 h Thus the wicked bothe blaspheme God & triumph against his Saints, as thogh he had forsaken them, if he suffer them to fall into their hands.

12 i In calling him his God, he putteth backe the false reportes of the aduersaries, that said, God had forsaken him.

15 k Because thy benefites toward me are innumberable, I can not but continually meditate & rehearse them.

16 l I wil remaine stedfast being vpholden with the power of God.

17 ! And desireth God to continue his graces towarde him.

18 m He desireth that as he hathe begonne, he wolde so continue his benefites, that his liberalitie maie haue perfite praise.

19 o His faith breaketh through all tentacions, & by this exclamation he praiseth the power of God.

20 p As he confesseth that God is the onelie autor of his deliuerance: so he acknowledgeth that these euils were sent vnto him by Gods prouidence.

22 ! Promising to be mindeful and thaneful for the same.

22 q He confesseth that his long tariance was wel recompensed, when God performed his promes.

23 r For there is no true praising of God, except it come from the heart: and therefore he promiseth to delite in nothing, but wherein God mai be glorified.