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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 71

1 JEHOVAH, I for safety do

betake myself to thee:

o let me not at any time

put to confusion be.

2 Me rescue in thy righteousness,

let me deliverance have:

to me do thou incline thine ear,

also do thou me save.

3 Be thou my dwelling Rock, whereto

I always may resort:

thou gav’st commandment me to save,

for thou my Rock and Fort.

4 Out of the hand of the wicked

my God, deliver me,

out of the hand of the unjust,

leaven’d with cruelty.

5 For thou o God, Jehovah art

mine expectation:

and thou art he whom from my youth

my trust is set upon:

6 Thou hast upheld me from the womb,

thou art he that tookst me

out of my mothers belly; still

my praise shall be of thee.


7 To many I a wonder am

but thou my refuge strong.

8 Let my mouth fill’d be with thy praise,

and honour all day long.

9 Within the time of elder age

o cast me not away,

and do not thou abandon me

when my strength doth decay.

10 Because they that be enemies

to me, against me spake,

and they that for my soul lay-wait,

counsel together take.

11 Saying, God hath forgotten him:

do ye him now pursue,

and apprehend him, for there is

not one him to rescue.

12 Depart not far from me, o God,

my God hast to help me.

13 The adversaries of my soul,

let them ashamed be:

Let them consumed be, let them

be also covered,

both with reproach and dishonour,

that for my hurt waited.


14 But I with patience will wait

on thee continually,

and I will add yet more and more

to all the praise of thee.

15 My mouth it shall thy righteousness,

and thy salvation show

from day to day, for of the same

no number do I know.

16 In the strong might of God the Lord

go on a long will I:

I’ll mention make of thy justice,

yea ev’n of thine only.

17 From my youth up o mighty God,

thou hast instructed me:

and hitherto I have declar’d

the wonders wrought by thee.

18 And now unto mine elder age,

and hoary head, o God,

do not forsake me: till I have

thy power shown abroad,

Unto this generation,

and unto every one

that shall hereafter be to come,

thy strong dominion.


19 Thy righteousness o God, it doth

reach up on high also,

great are the things which thou hast done;

Lord who’s like thee unto?

20 Thou who hast caused me to see

afflictions great and sore,

shalt me revive, and me again

from depths of earth restore.

21 Thou shalt my greatness multiply

and comfort me always.

22 Also with tuned Psaltery

I will shew forth thy praise,

O thou my God, I will sing forth

to thee mine Harp upon,

thy verity and faithfulness,

o Israel’s Holy-one.

23 My lips with shouting shall rejoice

when I shall sing to thee:

my soul also, which freely thou

hast brought to liberty.

24 Likewise my tongue shall utter forth

thy justice all day long:

for they confounded are, and brought

to shame, that seek my wrong.