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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 68

1 a The Prophet sheweth that albeit God suffreth the wicked tyrants to opposse his Church for a time, yet at length he wil be reuenged of them.

2 ! In this psalme Dauid setteth forthe as in a glasse the wonderful mercies of God towarde his people

3 b He sheweth that when God declareth his power against the wicked that it is for the commoditie & saluation of his Church, which praise him therefore.

4 c Jah & Jehouah are the ames of God, which do signifie his essence & jajestie incormprehensible, so that herby is declared, that all idols are but vanitie, & that the God of Israel is the onely true God.

5 ! Who by all means & moste strange sortes declared himself to them

6 e Which is baren of Gods blessings, which before thei had abused.

6 d He giueth children to them, that be childless, and increaseth their families.

7 f He teacheth that Gods fauour peculiarly belongeth to his Church, as appeareth by their wonderful deliuerance out of Egypt.

10 g God blessed the land of Canaan because he had chosen that place for his Church.

11 h The facion then was that women sang songs after the victorie, as Miriam, Deborah, Judith and others.

12 i The pray was so great that not onely the soldiers, but women also had parte thereof.

13 k Thogh God suffer his Church for a time to lie in blacke darkenes, yet he wil restore it and make it moste shining & white.

14 l In the land of Canaan, where his Church was.

15 m Zion the Church of God doeth excell all worldelie things, not in pompe & and outward shewe, but by the inwarde grace of God, which there remaineth because of his dwelling there.

15 ! And therefore Gods Church by reason of his promises, graces and victories doeth excel without comparison all worldie things.

16 n Why boast ye of your strength & beautie against this Mountaine of God?

18 o As God ouercame the enemies of his Church, toke them prisoners, and made the tributaries: so Christ, which is God manifested in flesh, subdued Satan & sinne vnder vs & gaue vnto his Church moste liberal giftes of his Spirit, {Eph. 4,8}

20 p In oste extreme dangers God hath infinite waies to deliuer his.

22 q As he deliuered his Church once from Og of Bashan, & other tyrants, & from the dangers of the red Sea, so wil he stil do as oft as necessitie requireth.

23 r That is, in the blood of that great slaughter, where dogges shal lap blood.

24 s That is, how you, which are chief King, goest out with thy people to warre, and giuest them the victorie.

25 t He describeth the ordre of the people, when thei went to the Temple to giue thankes for the victorie.

27 x Benjamin is called litle, because he was the yongest sonne of Jaakob.

29 z Declare out of thine holie palace thy power for the defence of thy Chruch Jerusalem.

30 a He desireth that the pride of the mightie may be destroied, which accustomed to garnish their shoes with siluer: & therfore for their glitering pompe thoght them selues aboue all men.

31 b He prophecieth that the Gentiels shal come to the true knowledge & worship of God.

33 c By his terrible thunders he wil make him self to be knowen the God of all the worlde.

34 ! He exhorteth therefore all men to praise God for euer.

35 e He alludeth to the Tabernacle which was deuided into thre partes.

35 d In shewing feareful judgements against thine enemies for the saluation of thy people.