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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 69

1 b Dauid signifieth by the waters, in what great dangers he was, out of the which God did deliuer him.

1 a Of Shoshannim read {Psal. 45}

1 ! The complaints, prayers, feruent zeale & great anguish of Dauid is set forthe as a figure of Christ & all his members

3 d Thogh his senses failed him, yet his faith was constant & incouraged him stil to praie

4 f Thei judged me pore innocent as a thief and gaue my goods to others as thogh I had stollen them.

5 g Thogh I be giltie to thee warde, yet am I innocent towarde them.

6 h Let not mine euil intreatie of the enemies be an occasion, that the faithful fall from thee.

9 i When I sawe thine enemies pretend thy Name onely in mouth, and in their life denie the same, thine holie Spirit thrust me forwarde, to reproue them & defend thy glorie.

10 k My zeale moued me to lament & praie for my saluation.

12 l The more he soght to winne them to God, the more thei were against him both poore and riche.

13 m Knowing that albeit I suffer now trouble, yet you hath a time, wherein you hast appointed my deliuerance.

14 n He sheweth a liuelie faith in that that he assureth him self, that God is fauorable to him, when he semeth to be angrie: & at hand, when he semeth to be farre of

17 o Not that he feared that God wold not heare him, but that care made him to thinke that God differred long.

19 p Thou seest that I am beset as a shepe among manie wolues.

20 q He sheweth that it is in vaine to put our trust in men in our great necessities, but that our comfort onely dependeth of God: for man rather increaseth our sorowes, then dimisheth them, {John 19,29}

22 r He desireth God to execute his judgements against the reprobate, which can not by anie meanes be turned, {Rom. 11,9}

25 t Punish not onely them but their posteritie, which shalbe like vnto them.

27 u By their continuance and increasing in their sinnes let it be knowen that they be of the reprobate.

28 x They which semed by their profession to haue bene writen in thy boke, yet by their frutes proue the contrarie, let them be knowen as reprobate.

30 ! He gathereth courage in his affliction & offreth praises vnto God

31 y There is no sacrifice, which God more estemeth, then thankesgiuing for his benefites.

32 ! Which are more acceptable then all sacrifices: whereof all the afflicted maie take comfort

33 z For as he deliuered his seruant Dauid, so wil he do all that are in destres, and call vpon him.

35 ! Finally he doeth prouake all creatues to praises, prophecying of the kingdome of Christ, & and the preseruacion of the Church, where all the faithful

36 a Vnder the temporal promes of the land of Canaan he comprehendeth the promes of life euerlasting to the faithful & their posteritie.