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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 67

1 ! A praier of the Church to obteine the fauour of God & to be lightened with his countenance.

1 a That is, moue our heartes with his holy Spirit, that we maie fele his fauour towards vs.

2 ! To the end that his waie & judgements maie by knowen throughout the earth.

2 b That bothe Jewes & Gentiles maie know Gods couenant made with them.

4 c By these oft repetitions he sheweth, that the people can neuer rejoyce sufficiently, & giue thankes for the great benefites that their shal receiue vnder the kingdome of Christ.

6 d He sheweth that where God fauoreth, there shalbe abundance of all other things.

7 e When thei sele his great benefites bothe spiritual & corporal towards them.

7 ! And finally is declared the kingdome of God, which shulde be uniuersally erected at the comming of Christ.