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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 66

1 a He prophecieth that all nations shal come to the knowledge of God, who then was onely knowen in Judea.

1 ! He prouoketh all men to praise the Lord and to consider his workes.

3 b As the faithful shal obey God willingly: so the infideles for feare shal dissemble them selues to be subject.

5 c He toucheth the slothful dulnes of man, who is colde in the consideration of Gods workes.

5 d His prouidence is wonderful in mainteining their estate.

6 ! He setteth forthe the power of God to affray the rebels.

7 e He proueth that God wil extend his grace also to the Gentiles, because he punisheth among them such as wil not obey his calling.

9 f He signifieth some special benefite, that God had shewed to his Church of the Jewes in deliuering them from some great danger: whereof or of the like he promiseth that the Gentiles shal be partakers.

10 ! And sheweth how God hathe deliuered Israel from great bondage and afflictions.

11 g The condition of the Church is here described, which is to be led by Gods prouidence into troubles, to be subject vnder tyrants & to enter into manifolde dangers.

13 h The duetie of the faithful is here described, which are neuer vnmindeful to rendre God praise for his benefites.

13 ! He promiseth to giue sacrifice.

16 i It is not ynough to haue receiued Gods benefites & to be mindeful there of, but also we are bounde to make others to profit thereby & praise God.

16 ! And prouoketh all men to heare what God hathe done for him and to praise his Name.

18 k If I delite in wickednes, God wil not heare me: but if I confesse it he wil receiue me.