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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 66

To the chief musician a psalm or song.

1 O All ye lands, a joyful noise

unto God do ye raise.

2 Sing forth the honour of his name:

make glorious his praise.

3 How dreadful in thy works art thou?

unto the Lord say ye:

through thy powers greatness thy foes shall

submit themselves to thee.

4 All they shall bow themselves to thee

that dwell upon the earth,

and sing unto thee, they shall sing

unto thy name with mirth. Selah.

5 Come hither, also of the works

of God take ye notice,

he in his doing terrible

towards men’s children is.

6 He did the sea into dry land

convert, a way they had

on foot to pass the river through,

there we in him were glad.

7 He ruleth by his power for ever,

his eyes the nations spy:

let no those that rebellious are

lift up themselves on high. Selah.

8 Yee people bless our God, and make (2 part)

his praises voice be heard.

9 Which holds our soul in life, our feet

nor suffers to be stir’d.

10 For God thou hast prov’d, thou hast

us tried as silver’s tried.

11 Into the net brought us, thou hast

on our loins straitness tied.

12 Men o’re our heads thou mad’st to ride,

through fire and water pass

did we, but us thou brought’st into

a place that wealthy was.

13 With offerings I’ll go to thine house:

my vows I’ll pay to thee.

14 Which my lips uttered, and mouth spake,

when trouble was on me.

15 Burnt offerings I’ll offer to thee

that full of fatness are,

with the incense of rams, I will

bullocks with goats prepare. Selah.

16 Come hearken unto me all ye


of God that fearers are,

and what he hath done for my soul

to you I will declare.

17 With mouth I cried to him, and with

my tongue extoll’d was he.

18 If in my heart I sin regard

the Lord will not hear me.

19 But God that is most mighty hath

me heard assuredly;

unto the voice of my pray’r he


20 Blest be the mighty God, because

neither my pray’r hath he,

nor yet his own benignity,

turn’d away from me.