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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 65

To the chief musician, a psalm and song of David.

1 O GOD, in Sion silently

praise waiteth upon thee:

and thankfully unto thee shall

the vow performed be.

2 O thou that hearken dost unto

the pray’r that men do make,

ev’n unto thee therefore all flesh

themselves they shall betake.

3 Works of iniquity they have

prevailed against me;

as for our trespasses they shall

be purg’d away by thee.

4 O blessed is the man of whom

thou thy free choice dost make;

and that he may dwell in thy courts

him near to thee dost take:

For with the good things of thy house

be satisfied shall we;

and with the holy things likewise

that in thy temple be.

5 In righteousness, thou, by the things

that dreadfully are done,

wilt answer give to us, o God,

of our salvation:

Upon whom all the ends of th’ earth

do confidently stay,

and likewise they that are remov’d

far off upon the sea.

6 He sets fast mountains by his strength

7 girt with might. He doth swage

the noise of seas, noise of their waves

also the peoples rage.


8 They at thy tokens are afraid

that dwell in parts far out;

out goings of the morning thou

and ev’ning mak’st to shout.

9 Thou visitest the earth, and dost

it moisten plenteously,

thou with Gods stream, full of water

enrichest it greatly:

When thou hast so prepared it,

thou dost them corn prepare.

10 The ridges thou abundantly

waterest that in it are;

The furrows of it thou settlest,

with showers that do fall

thou mak’st it soft, thou dost thereof

the springing bless withal.

11 Thou dost the year with thy goodness

adorn as with a crown,

also the paths where thou dost tread,

fatness they do drop down.

12 They drop upon the pastures that

are in the wilderness;

and girded are the little hills

about with joyfulness.

13 Clothed the pastures are with flocks,

corn over-covering

the valleys is; so that for joy

they shout, they also sing.