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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 65

1 a Thou giuest daiely new occasion to thy Church to praise thee.

1 ! A praise and thankesgiuing vnto God by the faithful who are signified by Zion.

2 b Not onely the Jewes, but also the Gentiles in the kingdome of Christe.

3 c He imputeth it to his sins & to the sins of the people, that God, who was accustomed to assiste them, with draweth his succour from them.

4 ! For the chusing, preseruation and gouernance of them,

5 d Thou wilt declare thy selfe to be the preseruer of thy Church in destroying thine enemies, as you didst in the red Sea.

7 f He sheweth that there is no parte nor creature n the worlde which is not gouerned by Gods power & prouidence.

8 / Ebr. The going forthe of the morning & of the euening.

9 ! And forthe plentiful blessings powred forthe vpon all the earth, but specially toward his Church.

9 g To wit, with raine.

9 h That is, Shiloah, or the raine.

9 i Thou hast appointed the earth to bring forthe fode to mans vse.

10 k By this description he sheweth that all the ordre of nature is a testimonie of Gods loue towarde vs, who causeth all creatures to serue our necessitie.

13 l That is, the dumme creatures shal not onely rejoyce for a time for Gods benefites, but shal continually sing.