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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 64

1 a In that he calleth to God with his voice, it is a signe that his praier was vehement, & that his life was in danger.

1 ! Dauid praieth against the furie and false reportes of his enemies.

2 c To wit, their outward violence.

4 e To be without feare of God & reuerence of man is a signe of reprobation.

5 f The more that the wicked se Gods children in miserie, the more bolde, & impudent are thei in oppressing them.

6 g There is no waie so secret & subtil to do hurt, which thei inuented not for his destruction.

8 h To se Gods heauie judgements against them, and how he hathe caught them in their owne snares.

10 ! To the comfort of the just and the glorie of God.

10 i When thei shal consider that he wil be fauourable to them, as he was to his seruant Dauid.