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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 68

To the chief musician, a psalm or song of David.

1 LEt God arise, his enemies

let them dispersed be,

let them also that do him hate

away from his face flee.

2 As smoke is driven away, ev’n so

do thou them drive away:

as wax at fire melts, in Gods sight

let wicked so decay.

3 But let the righteous ones be glad:

o let them joyful be

before the Lord, also let them

rejoice exceeding lie.

4 Sing to God, to his name sing praise,

extol him that doth ride

on skies, by his name JAH, before

his face joyful abide.

5 A father of the fatherless,

and of the widows’ case

God is a judge, and that within

his holy dwelling place.

6 God seats the desolate in house,

brings forth those that are bound

in chains, but the rebellious

dwell in a barren ground.


7 O God when as thou didst go forth

in presence of thy folk,

when through the desert wilderness

thou diddest marching walk. Selah.

8 The earth did at Gods presence shake,

from heav’ns the drops down fell:

Sinai itself moved before

the God of Israel.

9 O God thou on thy heritage

didst send a plenteous rain,

whereby when as it weary was

thou it confirm’d again.

10 Thy congregation hath dwelt

therein; thou dost prepare

o God of thy goodness, for them

that poor afflicted are.

11 The Lord the word gave, great their troop

that it have published.

12 Kings of hosts fled, fled, she that said

at home spoil divided.

13 Though ye have lyen among the pots,

be like doves wings shall ye

with silver deck’t, and her feathers

like yellow gold that be.

14 When there th’ Almighty scattered Kings,

t’was white as Salmons snow.

15 Gods hill like Bashan hill, high hill,

like Bashan hill unto.

16 Why do ye leap ye lofty hills?
this is the very hill

in which God loves to dwell, the Lord

dwell in it ever will.


17 Gods chariots twice ten thousand fold,

thousands of Angels be;

with them as in his holy place,

on Sinai mount is he.

18 Thou didst ascend on high, thou led’st

captivity captive,

for men, yea, for rebels also

thou diddest gifts receive;

That the Lord God might dwell with them.

19 Who daily doth us load

with benefits, blest be the Lord

that’s our salvations God. Selah.

20 He is God of salvation

that is our God most strong:

and unto Jehovah the Lord

issues from death belong.

21 But God shall wound the enemies head,

the hairy scalp also

of him that in his trespasses

on forward still doth go.


22 The Lord said I’ll bring back again,

again from Bashan hill:

my people from the depths of seas

bring back again I will.

23 That thy foot may be dipt within

blood of thine enemies;

imbru’d the tongue of thy dogs may

be in the save likewise.

24 They have thy goings seen o God

thy goings in progress;

ev’n of my God my King within

place of his holiness.

25 Singers went first, musicians then,

in midst maids with Timbrel.

26 Bless God i’th Churches, the Lord from

the spring of Israel.

27 There little Benjamin the chief

with Judah’s Lords, and their

counsel, with Zebulon’s princes,

and Naphtali’s lords were.

28 That valiant strength the which thou hast

thy God hath commanded;

strengthen o God, the thing which thou

for us hast effected.


29 For thy house at Jerusalem

Kings shall bring gifts to thee.

30 Rebuke the troops of spearmen, troops

of bulls that mighty be:

With peoples calves, with him that stoops

with pieces of silver:

o scatter thou the people that

delight themselves in war.

31 Princes shall out of Egypt come,

and Ethiopia’s land

shall speedily unto the Lord

reach her out-stretched hand.

32 Earths kingdoms sing ye unto God:

unto the Lord sing praise. Selah.

33 To him that rides on heav’ns of heav’ns

that were of ancient days:

Lo, he his voice, a strong voice gives.

34 To God ascribe ye might,

his excellence o’re Israel is,

and his strength in the height.

35 God fearful from his holy place

the God of Israel, he

gives strength and power unto his folk,

o let God blessed be.