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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 56

1 b He sheweth that it is ether now time, or neuer, that God helpe him: for all the worlde is against him & readie to deuoure him.

1 ! Dauid being broght to Achesh the King of Gath, {2 Samu. 21,12} complaineth of his enemies, demandeth succour.

1 a Being chased by the furie of his enemies into a strange countrie, he was as dumne dooue, not seking reuengeance.

4 c He staieth his conscience vpon Gods promes, thogh he se not present helpe.

5 d All my counsels haue euil successe & turne to mine owne sorowe.

6 e As all the worlde against one man, & can not be saciat, except they haue my life.

7 f They thinke not onely to escape punishment, but the more wicked thei are, the more impudent they waxe.

8 g If God kepe the teares of his Saints in store, muche more wil he remember their blood to auenge it: & thogh tyrants burne the bones, yet can thei not blot the teares & blood out of God registre.

12 ! And promiseth to performe his vowes, which he had taken vpon him, whereof this was the effect to praise God in his Church.

12 h Hauing receiued that which I required, I am bounde to paye my vowes of thankesgiuing, as I promised.

13 i As mindeful of his great mercies, & giuing him thankes for the same.

13 k That is, in this life and light of the sunne.

13 k That is, in this life and light of the sunne.