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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 55

1 a The earnestines of is praier declareth the vehemencie of his grief in so much as he is compelled to burst out into cryes.

1 ! Dauid being in great heauines & distresse complaineth of the crueltie of Saul.

3 b For the threatenings of Saul & his adherents.

3 c They haue diffamed me as a wicked persone: or, they haue imagined me destruction.

5 d There was no parte of him that was not astonied with extreme feare.

6 e Feare had driuen him to so great distres, that he wished to be hid in some wildernes, & to be banished from that kingdome, which God had promised that he shulde enjoye.

9 g As in the confusion of Babylon, when the wicked conspired against God.

10 h All laws & good orders are broken, & onelie vice & disolution reigneth vnder Saul.

12 i If mine open eneie had soght mine hurt, I colde the better haue auoyded him.

13 ! And of the falsehood of his familiar acquaintance,

13 k Which was not onely joyned to me in friendship & counsel in worldlie matters, but also in religion.

17 ! Utering moste ardent affections to moue the Lord to pitie him.

17 m Which signifieth a seruent minde & sure truste to obteine his petition, which thing made him earnest at all times in praier.

18 n Euen the Angels of God foght on my side against mine enemies, {2 King. 6,16}

19 o But their prosperous estate stil continueth.

20 p I did not provoke him, but was at peace with him, yet he made warre against me.

22 / Or, gift: to wit which thou woldest that God shulde giue thee.

22 q Thogh for their bettering & trial he suffer them to slip for a time.

22 ! After being assured of deliuearnce, he setteth forthe the grace of God as thogh he had already obetined his request.

23 r Thogh they sometime liue longer, yet their life is cursed of God, vnquiet & worse then anie death.