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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 54

1 a He declareth that when all meanes do faile God wil deliuer, euen as it were by miracle them that call vnto him with an vpright conscience.

1 ! Dauid broght into great danger by the reason of the Ziphims.

3 c Saul and his armie, which were like cruel beastes & colde not be satisfied but by his death.

3 b To wit, the Ziphims.

4 d Be they neuer so fewe, as he was with Jonathan.

5 ! Calleth vpon the Name of God to destroye his enemies.

5 e According to thy faithful promes for my defence.

6 ! Promising sacrifice and fre offrings for so great deliuerance.

6 f For hypocrites serue God for feare, or vpon conditions.

7 g We may lawfully rejoyce for Gods judgementes against the wicked, if our affections be pure.