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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 53

1 ! He describeth the crooked nature

1 b Where as no regarde is had of honestie or dishonestie, of vertue nor of vice, there the Prophet pronounceth that the people haue no God.

2 c Whereby he condemneth all knowledge & vnderstanding, that tendeth not to seke God.

4 d Dauid pronounceth Gods vengeance against cruel gouerners, who hauing charge to defende and preserue Gods people, do moste cruelly deuour them.

4 ! The cruelitie

5 ! And punishment of the wicked, when they loke not for it.

5 e When the thoght there was noen occasion to feare, the sudden vengeance of God lighted vpon them.

5 f Be the enemies power neuer so great, nor the danger so feareful, yet God deliuereth his in due time.

6 ! And desireth the deliuerance of the godlie, that they maie rejoyce together.