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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 52

9 h Executed this vengeance.

1 a O Doeg, which hast credit with the tyrant Saul, & hast power to murther the Saints of God.

1 ! Dauid describeth the arrogant tyrannie of his aduersarie Doeg: who by false surmises caused Ahimelch with the rest of the Priests to be slayne.

2 b Thy malice moueth thee by craftie flateries & lies to accuse and destroye the innocents.

5 c Thogh God forbeare for a time, yet at length he wil recompense thy falsehode.

5 ! Dauid prophecieth his destruction.

6 e For the eies of the reprobate are shut vp at God judgements.

6 ! And incourageth the faithful to put their confidence in God, whose judgements are moste sharpe against his aduersaries.

6 f With joyful reuerence, seing that he taketh their parte against the wicked.

8 g He rejoyceth to haue a place among the seruantes of God, that he maie growe in the knowledge of godlines.

9 ! And finaly he rendreth thankes to God for his deliuerance. In this Psalme is liuely set forthe the kingdome of Antichrist.