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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 56

To the chief musician upon Jonath-elem-rechokim, Michtam of David, when the Philistines took him in Gath.

1 LORD, pity me, because

man would up swallow me:

and fighting all the day throughout,

oppress me sore doth he.

2 Mine enemies they would

me swallow up daily;

for they be many that do fight

against me, o most high.

3 I’ll put my trust in thee,

what time I am afraid.

4 In God I’ll praise his word, in God

my confidence have stay’d;

I will not be afraid

what flesh can do to me.

5 All day they wrest my words: their thoughts

for ill against me be.

6 They join themselves together;

themselves they closely hide;

they mark my steps when for my soul

waiting they do abide.

7 Shall they make an escape

by their iniquity;

thou in thine anger down depress

the folk, o God mighty.

8 My wanderings thou dost tell,

put thou my weeping tears

into thy bottle; are they not

within thy registers.

9 Then shall my foes turn back,

when I cry unto thee:

this I do know assuredly,

because God is for me.

10 In God I’ll praise his word:

the Lords word I will praise.

11 In God I trust: I will not fear

what man ‘gainst me can raise.

12 Thy vows on me o God;

I’ll render praise to thee.

13 Because that thou my soul from death

delivering dost free;

Deliver wilt not thou

my feet from down falling?

so that I may walk before God

ith light of the living.